ID723 Design Cultures and the Human Body: Fall 2016-17 Syllabus

Images, from left to right, top row: (1) “EXERCISES 1–3: Exercising the mus-cles of the face, neck, and head […] helps maintain the tone and contour of the facial skin and musculature. It will also ‘train’ the muscles to control unattractive facial expressions.” In: Way Bandy, Designing Your Face: An Illustrated Guide to Cosmetics, 1977 URL. (2) “Proper proportions of a love seat.” In: Francis de N. Schroeder, Anatomy for Interior Designers, 1948 (Illustrations by Nino Repetto, Henry Stahlhut, and Mario Carreño) URL; (3) “BentoLab” low-cost portable DNA analysis lab. bottow row: (4) “Vehicle”, Krzystof Wodiczko, 1973. (5) “A leather and metal rod limb”. In: “Disability Information Resources (DINF), Disabled Village Children, Chapter 67 (Artificial Legs)” URL

We have done the first ever semester of the course, ID723 Design Cultures and the Human Body. We read theoretical pieces, stories, and comics; we watched films, TV series, and anime; we talked about products, and practices. We had the most stimulating semester!

My thanks to Dr. Aret Karademir (METU Philosophy) and Dr. Melike Şahinol (Orient-Institut Istanbul), who gave excellent lectures as part of the course; and to all students for their enthusiasm and hard work.

You can find the syllabus here.

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