Postphenomenology, Technology, Design

How can we use new materialist theories of agency and engagement by postphenomenologists such as Don Ihde and Peter-Paul Verbeek, or anthropologists and archaeologists such as Lambros Malafouris and Tim Ingold to account for the practices of users, consumers and craftpersons? How can we view the relations between technology, design and society under the light of these theories?

We met for a one-day workshop on 10 February 2020 at Middle East Technical University to discuss these and more. Here’s the list of participants:

  • Fazıl Akın (HFG OF_MAIN/PAU), How Technological Developments affect Mediation in Products: A Sample Investigation of Historical Evolution of Writing Instruments
  • Bilge Merve Aktaş (Aalto University), Human-Material Interactions in Craft Making
  • Elif Büyükkeçeci (METU/IEU), The involvement of Design within the Boundaries of Self: A Preliminary Study
  • Özgün Dilek (ITU/EsTU), Rethinking Phenomenology with ANT: An Onto-Phenomenological Inquiry on the Experiences of Makers for Agency and Change in Istanbul
  • F. Betül Gürtekin (METU), Phenomenological Approach to Bodily Experiences: Camera Use as Skilled Practice
  • Harun Kaygan (METU)
  • Ayşegül Özçelik (METU), The Inner Face of Object: Amateur Computer Repair Practice
  • Tuğba Tok (METU/OzU), Rethinking Makeup Practice Through the Material Engagement Theory

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