Final projects for ID 708 2014-15: Mapping Technology

In the Spring semester of 2014-15, we ran ID708 Critique of Design II as a team of four: Harun Kaygan, Pınar Kaygan, Osman Şişman, and Şenöm Yalçın. We had an inspiring selection of readings, and a series of four assignments which then formed the basis of individual final projects — a heterogeneous set, from performances to videos. Many thanks to all our students for their hard work.

Below you can view some of the final projects:

1. Open Cake by Özümcan Demir (performance)

The Open Cake performance tries to create an event where every individual would listen to an audio recipe and contributes to the creation of The Open Cake Book by writing their own recipe. In order to do that, participants should combine what they hear with their personal sensorial history, memories, experiences, and intuitive knowledge.

Open Cake Session

Soundclip is here. Sample recipe pages from the workshop below.

Open Cake Recipe 2-1Open Cake Recipe 6-1Open Cake Recipe 17-1


2. Superencypher Rhizome Machine by Selin Gürdere (poster presentation)

Machine produces the flow of desire codes and these codes constantly are remanufactured in different forms by infusing themselves into everything. … This is the production of production. … It composes constatnly new events, new desires and thoughts. So this cycle goes to infinity.

superencypher rhizome machine


3. What Holds Things Together by Duygu Bostancı & METU Contemporary Dance Group (performance)

Refrain. Refrain Machine. Movement. Human. Move-ment. Move-mental. Mental move. Mental? Physical? Body. Body-move. Dance. Choreography? Dance-writing. Could dance be written? Improvisation. Inter-action. Inside-action. Within the body. Butoh? Affection-body-movement. Body-movement-affection. Movement-body-affection. Movement-affection-body-ground. Ground-theoretical ground. What is theoretical ground of this performance? Deleuze-Guattari-Guattari-Deleuze-Deleuze-Guattari-Laura Cull-Portanova Spinoza? One less manifesto-deleuze philosophy of performance. –Escape representation–(Cull, 2009: 5 )

DuyguB_WHTT 2
DuyguB_WHTT 1

Images from the performance


4. The Lady Slipper and The Bee by Pelin Aydıner (fiction)
Short piece of fiction and video work, depicting the lady slipper orchid and the bee as a Deleuzean masochist couple. Here is a taste:

On a hot summer day, flying above the trees, floating in the air, feeling the breeze- I saw it. My body felt weightless, my legs trembled. Diving from the top of the tree, I let myself into the arms of the bulb of colour.

Come here- come to the whore of Babylon- Haven’t seen your kind for months! Spread my smell, bring those feet to me, bring those wings.

Blood rushing through my body, my eyes bright, my body letting itself go down- I want it, I told myself. I want it now! Let me feel it, let me smell it, eat it, suck it.

The scent got stronger as I was getting closer. I wanted to be filled with it, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to -be- it.


I remember the bright pink colour. I have felt a lot of colours, but this one struck me more than anything. I almost lost my sensation, the control of my body when I saw it. The colours got more vibrant, stronger and stronger. I could see the bright lights peaking out of the petals, the bulb was screaming my name.

Check your back- is there anyone behind?

Come to my body. Water it with the extracts of other flowers. Swim in my dust, spread it with your wings. Let your desire scream. Let my desire control yours, I will let you control mine.

Final projects for ID 708 2013-14: Cyborg Ethnographies

We have completed a very successful and entertaining semester in which we focused on “interaction”, and explored ways to develop radical understandings of the concept beyond its individualist and anthropocentric interpretations, especially with reference to new materialist literature. We are grateful to all our students for their hard work. Below you can view some of the products of the course:

Crossing The Legs (WIP) by Duygu Bostancı & Şeyma Sarıbekiroğlu

The research topic chosen was crossing one’s legs. The relations between placing one leg over the other and gender, class, etc. are examined through found photographs.

This video was made by using only one photo. Work in progress.


Becoming Radio by Hande Işık

With this project, human radio interaction is approached by referring to the moments in which they become a complete “machine” together (Deleuze & Guattari 1983), while the actors that are distributed over this interaction network (Law, 2009) is presented, and the role of radio as a dispositif (Foucault, 1980) is adressed.

The project comprises an installation with a collection of photographs depicting the author’s grandfather interacting with radio as well as other communication devices. The photography is complemented by audio featuring excerpts from the author’s family recordings and from Turkish radio.

Becoming Radio project by Hande Işık, 2014. Produced for the course, Critique of Design II 2013-14 Spring.

Becoming Radio project by Hande Işık, 2014. Produced for the course, Critique of Design II 2013-14 Spring.


Çek Bi’ Yarım by Emre Çağlar

This is a short video about looking at street food and food consumption on the public space from different scales and angles.