Graduate forum V of October 2018

Graduate Forum V took place in R1 at the METU Faculty of Architecture with contributions from Gizem Curdaneli, Betül Gürtekin, Yashar Kardar, Sezgi Kaya, Ayşegül Özçelik, Azra Süngü and Duygu Vatan. Thanks for all the presentation and the invaluable feedback. See the Graduate Forum V Poster here.

Graduate forum of April 2017

We had our Graduate Forum no.3 with six presentations by my (Harun’s) graduate students; Selin Gürdere (PhD), Betül Gürtekin (PhD), Utku Ay, Pınar Şimşek, Burak Taşdizen, Ahu Yolaç, three of whom are nearing completion, and with a one newcomer. Excellent presentations and great comments from all contributors! Here’s the Graduate Forum III Program.

Graduate forum of March 2016

The first in a hopefully years-long series of graduate forums, we (meaning, MSc and PhD students under my supervision) have come together to present the current status of our work and get feedback from each other. Thanks everyone for a wonderful session. The program with the list of participants is here. Below is an overview:

  • Fazıl Akın (PhD stu.), “What I expect from a PhD: Topics, Use and Form”;
  • Utku Ay (MSc stu.) on scarves in football subcultures;
  • Çiğdem Demir (MSc stu.), “Design Considerations, Guidelines and Examples for the Co-habitation of Humans, Animals and Plants in the City”;
  • Selin Gürdere (PhD stu.) with a review of her DQE paper on social design literature;
  • Ceren Köktürk (MSc stu.) a summary of her thesis on food culture and lunch box design, which is almost completed now;
  • Pınar Şimşek (MSc stu.), “Envisioning Human Bodies from the Perspective of a Product Designer”;
  • Burak Taşdizen (MSc stu.), “Between Open-Source and Commerce: Micropolitics of Authorship and Originality in a Knitting Community”;
  • Ahu Yolaç (MSc stu.), “Bodily Interaction with Mouse and Keyboard, and the Structure of Gaming”