ID707 Critique of Design I Syllabus for 2019-2020

This year we move our focus away from conventional “cultural” analysis toward “material” analysis. In the first module we’ll be interested in actor-network theory, including design researchers’ take on ANT. In the second module, we’ll be interested in “material engagements.” With readings from postphenomenology (Ihde etc.), material engagement theory of Malafouris and ecological anthropology of Ingold.

Here is the syllabus. (Updated 11 November 2019)

ID 707 Critique of Design I Syllabus for 2017-18: Object writing

New syllabus for ID707 Critique of Design I: Object writing helps students think about, talk about and write about objects in a creative and critical manner. The course is divided into three four-week modules, each with three reading weeks and a module assigment: Representation module consists of readings on semiology and affordances, and concludes with an advertising analysis assignment. In Consumption module, students read on material culture, subculture and craft consumption, and conduct a single interview around an object. The final Body module has readings on script theory and Ingold’s skilled practice, and ends with an observation assignment.

Find the syllabus here.

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