Completed thesis: Duygu Vatan on the Smart Village as DSI

Duygu Vatan has successfully completed her Master’s thesis, titled “Design for Social Innovation for rural development in Turkey: Actor relationships in the Smart Village project” in August 2019 (supervision: Harun Kaygan). Her work investigated the social innovation strategies of the designers of the Smart Village toward integrating smart agricultural technological into village life. In ethnographic work at the village, she looked into five different strategies: (1) crop selection facilitating technologies, (2) the plant breeding plot, (3) the smart pasture, (4) entrepreneurial development program, and (5) miscellaneous trainings. Her conclusions regard the different ways in which the villagers and the designers were co-constituted in the five strategies, and their successes and failings.

Graduate forum V of October 2018

Graduate Forum V took place in R1 at the METU Faculty of Architecture with contributions from Gizem Curdaneli, Betül Gürtekin, Yashar Kardar, Sezgi Kaya, Ayşegül Özçelik, Azra Süngü and Duygu Vatan. Thanks for all the presentation and the invaluable feedback. See the Graduate Forum V Poster here.