Completed thesis: Sezgi Kaya on technology use in Type-I Diabetes

Sezgi Kaya has successfully completed her Master’s thesis, titled “Biosociality and product design: User practices in Type 1 diabetes management” in November 2019 (Supervisor: Harun Kaygan). Congratulations!

Her thesis involved netnography of a social media diabetes forum, followed by interviews with users of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. She documented users’ biosocial practices around device use with special regard to how the devices contribute to the visibility of the illness and how the devices coordinate the patients’ care networks. She was also interested in the user-experiential implications of dynamic, real-time monitoring of glucose.

Sezgi and I will present the findings of her thesis at the Chronic Living conference in Copenhagen 23-25 April.

Graduate forum V of October 2018

Graduate Forum V took place in R1 at the METU Faculty of Architecture with contributions from Gizem Curdaneli, Betül Gürtekin, Yashar Kardar, Sezgi Kaya, Ayşegül Özçelik, Azra Süngü and Duygu Vatan. Thanks for all the presentation and the invaluable feedback. See the Graduate Forum V Poster here.